Why Little Tikes are so Important!!

My son is a lover of all things little tikes and let me tell you why!! He can practice any Career he wants….why just the other day that little lad was acting like a carpenter with the little tike tool set and he was just working away building one of the most amazing houses you would ever dream (in his head…from what he was saying to himself…so cute!)

Anyways! I just know that playing and pretending is so important. My son, whether he’s a limo driver or a general contractor when he grows up is going to do amazing things! We all learn in such unique ways when we are young! I remember barely knowing what a calculator was when I was growing up and now look at me! I played with a calculator growing up and now I make money with my computer! It’s awesome!

Little Tikes and other toys are so important. Pretending is so important. Hmmm…I wonder what else is important in life.

This blog is about Life and the importance of play as an adult and as a kid.